NHS Patient Backlog


Up to 14 million people could be on NHS waiting lists in England by Autumn 2022

According to NHS data, around five million patients are currently waiting for routine operations and procedures, and recent analysis published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies estimates that this could increase to 14 million by next Autumn.

Marie Lee, Managing Director of Totally Healthcare, describes how the insourcing team is working in partnership with hospitals to tackle the long waiting lists following the suspension of so many services during the pandemic.

The Insourcing Healthcare Division of Totally plc specialises in working with hospitals to reduce their patient waiting lists. Our expert insourcing teams utilise the hospital’s infrastructure to deliver services across multiple specialties during times when the hospitals are not using some of the clinic spaces and equipment, often at evenings and weekends when fewer routine elective procedures are scheduled.

In March 2020, in response to the pandemic, hospitals were forced to focus on reducing the public health threat from COVID-19 meaning many elective treatments were put on hold. I commend the hard work of the NHS and healthcare providers across the UK and Ireland in their committed fight against the pandemic, but we now also must ensure that the backlog of patients is correctly prioritised and invited for treatment so we can get the care to those that need it as soon as possible.

By the summer, healthcare services started to tackle increasing waiting lists and Totally Healthcare worked to deliver insourcing services in several locations across the UK and Ireland: supporting hospitals to identify and prioritise patients while working closely with their local teams to design a bespoke insourcing solution to meet the unique challenges of the trust.

All our clinicians are highly experienced and have been working under the new COVID-19 restrictions throughout the pandemic, making us perfectly placed to help reduce the ever-increasing pressure caused by long waiting lists while managing all the healthcare risks associated with COVID-19. We are currently performing procedures in many hospitals and recruiting consultants and nurses in specialities such as dermatology, endoscopy and ophthalmology to meet increasing demand.

All Totally Healthcare’s insourcing locations maintain a high-quality COVID-safe environment where clinicians work to robust national quality standards, as well as local policies, to ensure every patient is seen as quickly as possible by the most appropriate clinician in the most appropriate place.


To learn more about how insourcing can work to reduce hospital waiting lists contact us – Kal Vaikla kal.vaikla@totallyhealthcarelimited.com 07435 982891

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