Wendy Lawrence

Totally was established to help ensure patients could quickly access the healthcare they need. We partner with healthcare commissioners and hospitals across the UK and Ireland to deliver services that help manage demand and reduce waiting lists. Our corporate customer services also play a role in reducing reliance on healthcare by promoting healthy lifestyles and good physical and mental health.

Wendy Lawrence

Chief Executive Officer

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Our vision

We seek to improve healthcare outcomes for all through the delivery of exceptional health and wellbeing services.

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Our strategy

We seek to improve the health and wellbeing of people across the UK and Ireland by helping tackle the biggest challenges facing healthcare today.

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Our values

Everything we do is focused on quality care outcomes for those we treat, supported by our core values which seek to embed accountability, respect, courage and a passion for delivering excellence across our business.

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Our leadership

Our Board has extensive, multi-decade experience in the healthcare sector.

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Our businesses

Our services are delivered through respected businesses that are trusted to deliver responsive, agile and robust services.

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Our heritage

Totally has been delivering healthcare services for more than ten years.

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