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My Clinical Coach, launched in 2016, is a direct-to-consumer UK health-coaching service for people with long-term health conditions or general ‘wellness’ concerns. Individuals or their families can choose to subscribe to the monthly subscription based service, which is a personal, professional, clinically focused and patient-centered service, tailored for each individual.

Long term care (LTC) is a significant and growing burden on the NHS, and the results show that comprehensive home care (CHC) can significantly reduce this pressure and improve outcomes for both patients and local healthcare services.

With more than 15 million people in the UK with a long-term condition or disability, the need to improve the treatment and management of long-term conditions is one of the most important challenges facing the UK’s NHS.

My Clinical Coach covers all health conditions and is targeted at patients with either a diagnosed long-term condition or patients who are looking for support to improve their health. MCC’s typical subscriber base is a patient between 35 and 55 years of age, with a busy working life making it difficult for the person to see a GP. The people are already likely to have early stage, long-term condition or are at high risk of developing such a condition. A key aim of our service is to limit disease progression, thereby improving the subscriber’s overall wellbeing and reducing future demands on the NHS.

My Clinical Coach is operated by Totally Health.

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