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Vocare is a wholly owned subsidiary of Totally; it provides a range of clinical healthcare services across the UK, with a focus on ensuring that patients of all ages get the right treatment, at the right time and place for their needs.

Vocare delivers urgent care services to patients through urgent care centres, GP out-of-hours services, integrated urgent care centres and the NHS 111 service.

Vocare headquarters in North East England. They began in 1996 operating as Northern Doctors Urgent Care, before in 2012 expanding their operations in Staffordshire, trading as Staffordshire Doctors Urgent Care. In 2014 this was then followed by Bath and North-East Somerset, trading as Bath and North-East Somerset Doctors Urgent Care. In 2015, Vocare then expanded to Yorkshire, Somerset and East Leicestershire and Rutland, trading as Yorkshire Doctors Urgent Care, Somerset Doctors Urgent Care and East Leicestershire and Rutland Urgent Care respectively.
Today Vocare talented team deliver GP out-of-hours and urgent care services to more than 4.5 million patients nationally.

Vocare priority is to improve access to urgent healthcare and ensure patients receive the right level of care for their needs, through innovation and a true partnership with the NHS are the keys to a quality and integrated service.

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